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5 financial apps for your business

Date: 26 Sep 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

One of the more tiresome, frustrating and often dreaded business functions that small business managers and owners have to deal with is their company's finances. While you may not enjoy or excel at this area of business the fact remains that looking after your revenue in an ordered, proficient way has to be done. One solution may lie in mobile apps that aim to make finances a bit easier to deal wi

Tablet showdown – which is better?

Date: 10 Apr 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

When it comes to technology, there is so much to choose from that picking any system or device is a daunting task. This is especially true for tablets which come with different systems, apps and features. There's also no doubting that tablets can help make many people's jobs easier. So what do you do when you want a new tablet? The easiest thing is to compare them. Here's a five point comparison o

6 mobile etiquette tips

Date: 14 Feb 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Imagine you've just had a long day at the office and are on your way home. You step into the busy subway only to have the person beside you pull out their phone and begin playing the latest game with the sound on. While it may be fun for them, it's likely incredibly annoying to you and everyone else. Do you practice 'mobile etiquette'? If not, it may be time to start. Here's six cell phone etique

Want to spy on competitors social media?

Date: 08 Jan 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

The modern business owner and manager has a lot of information to keep tabs on. Firstly, there is what their customers are doing and what they want; secondly, there is what the competitors are doing. When it comes to tracking competition however, it can be extremely time consuming, especially with all the social media and deal websites out there. Thankfully, there is an app that might make it easi

Batteries need care, just like dogs!

Date: 18 Oct 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Your mobile device, be it Apple or Android, is an integral part of your life. It’s like having a dog, it goes everywhere with you and usually kicks up minimal fuss. Like dogs, your phone does need power which, unlike dogs, comes from a battery. Batteries are an integral component of your phone and need to be taken care of in order to be the modern man’s best friend and the best that they can b

Mobile OS security compared

Date: 26 Sep 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

In recent history there have been some great debates: Frost vs. Nixon, communism vs. democracy, Coke vs. Pepsi. One of the biggest debates is a four-way debate between which mobile system is better, is it Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry? Everyone you ask will have an opinion and anyone with the opposite opinion is usually wrong. These debates often gloss over security of devices, leavin

Keys-check, wallet-check, phone…Oh no!

Date: 21 Jun 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Losing something is always tough, having to spend time looking for it, turning the house and office upside down only to come to the realization that it has indeed been lost. This is even worse when it’s a useful device like your smartphone. Many small business owners keep their whole life on their phones, and if they lose it, it’s a big deal. Here are four things you should do before you los

Ensure security of your phone

Date: 15 May 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

At the office we’ve become paranoid about keeping our computers secure. Many companies use security devices and passwords to ensure their data is safe. The same can’t be said for smartphones. Many of us take no, or, at the very most basic, steps to ensure that our phones are safe. With the majority of employees using their device for both work and personal use, the need to keep our devices sec

BYOD. It’s like BYOB, but for Devices

Date: 10 Apr 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

If you have a smartphone, you no doubt use it for more than just SMS messages and phone calls, and with today’s 24/7 work demands, you’re probably using it for the odd bit of work too. The next step is to then use your smartphone, or other mobile device, while at work, in place of or in addition to your normal desktop or laptop. This last step is becoming known as BYOD, or “Bring Our Own Dev

Ins and Outs of Smartphones for Business

Date: 24 Mar 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Keys, wallet, smartphone...These days, it’s fairly common for people to be seen using mobile devices for their work-related tasks. But with this welcome flexibility comes the daunting task of making sure that usage is properly managed and regulated. Using smartphones for business purposes can indeed lead to increased efficiency and improved productivity, but if left mismanaged and unregulated,