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How to add address books in Outlook

Date: 20 Jun 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Microsoft Outlook delivers more than many business people perceive it to do. More than just an email application, this program can also handle important notes, reminders, and details of business matters through Outlook Address Book. Though it is more often used to pull out the email addresses of your contacts, the address book is also a great tool to organize and sync client details to another app

Using Spike in Word

Date: 20 May 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

The word processor is one of the integral pieces of software at a business's disposal. While there are more than a few options available to users, the most useful has to be Microsoft Word. With a variety of useful features, users can create almost any style of document. Many of us use Word on a daily basis, yet we still find new features to make our jobs easier. One such example is the Spike. What

Office 2013’s Research Pane

Date: 23 Apr 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

One of the features of Microsoft Office applications is the research pane. It used to be accessible from review menu of a Word document. With the release of Microsoft Office 2013, it appears that research button can no longer be seen under the review tab. However, there’s still a way to open it, as well as bring it back in Word’s ribbon. How to launch the research pane The research pane lets y

Outlook’s new search folder

Date: 26 Mar 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Getting help for your Office issues

Date: 26 Feb 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Microsoft Office might not be the program that is top of mind with users these days, but you cannot deny the legendary success it has seen over the past 20 years. Moreover, the platform is still one of the most sought-after enterprise software products in the market. It is deemed to be Microsoft’s main revenue generator, as it is used by almost all companies globally. That being said, there may

Using lists in PowerPoint

Date: 29 Jan 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Presentations are not easy to create and deliver, and many people struggle with at least one aspect of the process. Presentation experts often cite what you need to do in order to give a successful presentation, with one of the most popular being the use of lists. When you create your next presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint try using a list. What are lists in PowerPoint? A common element of many

Quick Analysis for Excel 2013

Date: 02 Jan 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

The spreadsheet is one of the most valuable tools available to business managers and owners, and Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program. Excel has many features that make it popular. Among the most useful is the ability to create charts and graphs that allow users to visualize their data. Excel 2013 offers a new feature - Quick Analysis - that makes visualizing data even easier.

5 things you may not know about OneNote

Date: 04 Dec 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

If you were to guess, how many people would you say use Microsoft Office? According to Microsoft, the number is over a billion. While the majority of these users tend to stick with the big three - Word, Excel and PowerPoint - there are other programs included in Office bundles that are equally useful. Take OneNote for example, which is great for taking notes and so much more. So what is so great

Adjusting margins in Word

Date: 06 Nov 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

One of the more important keys to creating professional looking documents is efficient use of white space. There are many ways to go about this and one of the easiest is to modify the layout, or use different page margins. If you use Microsoft Word, this is actually quite easy to achieve, and can be a great way to make your reports and documents look even better. Below is an overview of how to ad

Save Word files as PDFs

Date: 08 Oct 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

When it comes to saving documents that will be viewed by clients or people online, the PDF (Portable Document Format) is the go-to file type. It allows users to save documents and files with the layout and formatting intact, and can be viewed as-is by users on nearly all systems. Because of this, it can be a good idea to save final versions of Microsoft Word documents as PDFs. Here's how you can