Microsoft Office

Add-ins give Office new life

Date: 31 Dec 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Are you looking for a way to change up your Microsoft Office experience? It’s actually pretty easy to do thanks to a plethora of add-ins available for your favorite Office application. While these tools aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel, they do add a nifty wrinkle to the popular Office suite. Want more information? Read on for everything you need to know about add-ins, including which ones

Office 2016 for Mac is now available

Date: 03 Nov 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Office 2016 for Mac has arrived, and it brings with it several new features to Microsoft’s popular productivity suite and cloud-based services. Microsoft has fixed various bugs and functionality issues in its latest Office version, allowing users to fully make use of the software and integrate it seamlessly with their Mac platform. Here’s all you need to know about the new features of Office 2

Microsoft Office 2016 pushes collaboration

Date: 05 Oct 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

One of the biggest buzzwords going in the IT industry these days is collaboration. But it’s more than merely a buzzword - effective collaboration among colleagues, clients and partners can mean the difference between a team that performs sluggishly and one delivering at its peak. So it’s no real wonder Microsoft has made collaboration a focal point of the recently released Office 2016. Here

Take Office anywhere on Windows 10

Date: 11 Aug 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

You can edit that Word document from the runway, input data to an Excel file from the ballpark or create a PowerPoint presentation without the need to open up your laptop with the new Office Mobile apps from Microsoft. The apps, available to users of Windows 10 at no extra cost, are designed for tablets with a "touch-first" interface. The increased functionality makes creating or editing Office d

4 exciting new features of Office 2016

Date: 21 May 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

If you’ve already jumped on the Google Apps or Office 365 bandwagon, you may feel that the classic Microsoft Office package installed locally on your desktop is a bit dated. With Office 2016 set to launch in autumn of this year, Microsoft is making some changes to adapt one of their best selling products to the modern workforce. Here are four of the most exciting features. Cloud focus for Outlo

Now you can get Office Lens for Android & iOS

Date: 16 Apr 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

You may have heard that now there are apps on your phone that allow you to scan documents. And for those who don’t own a scanner, this is extremely convenient. But with the release of Microsoft Office Lens scanning app last year, this technology has became a whole lot better. Here’s why you should you should be excited it’s finally making the transition to iOS and Android. What is Microsoft

Office for Mac 2016 unveiled by Microsoft

Date: 12 Mar 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

With the release of Office for Mac 2016, Microsoft brings a long overdue refresh to its flagship suite of productivity applications for Mac users. As well as design changes that deliver similarities to the Windows versions of the applications, the latest upgrade - currently free of charge while it remains in preview stage, prior to full release later this year - harnesses the power of cloud comput

Using concatenate in Excel

Date: 10 Sep 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

If you use Excel there is a good chance that you have used a wide variety of formulas. But, when it comes to working out how to combine the content of different cells into a new one, without adding them together, many users will simply cut and paste. Did you know though that the concatenate formula can also do this for you? Using the concatenate formula to combine cells If, for example, you have

Excel headers and footers 101

Date: 13 Aug 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Microsoft Excel has become an increasingly versatile work application catering to most businesses, big and small. While most users are familiar with all the functions the app has to offer, many are still unaware that you can add a header or footer to your spreadsheets. With that in mind, it's time for a comprehensive view of what headers and footers are and how they work in Excel. What are header

Creating an alias on

Date: 16 Jul 2014 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

In many TV shows and movies about spies there is always one character with a great alias. When it comes to espionage, an alias is important, but it may seem less so for most business owners or managers. However, with Microsoft's there is a great alias related feature that you may find useful.'s alias management feature If you are using, chances are high that you