An overview of not just why managed services are important, but why they’re an essential part of the future of nearly every business you can think of.

Managed Services

Regardless of the industry that your business is operating in, technology acts as the foundation of every service that you offer, every function that you perform and every step that you take. As a result, having a competitive technological advantage is something so important it literally cannot be overstated enough. If you can’t outspend your larger competitors, you need to be able to do the next best thing: work smarter, not harder.

To that end, managed services are absolutely essential to the future of nearly every organization for an incredible list of reasons.

What Are Managed Services?

At their core, managed services is a delivery model that allows systems like servers, networks, storage and more to all be monitored and managed via third party companies over the Internet. Do you need to add additional storage to your network? Don’t worry about running out to the store, researching hard drives, making a huge purchase and finding someone to install it. Just call up your managed services provider, let them know that your needs have changed and they’ll take care of the rest instantly – all in exchange for one low and predictable monthly fee.

Superior Efficiency

Because certain essential services are all managed through a third party, the number one reason why managed services themselves are so important has to do with efficiency. Not only will businesses of all sizes enjoy a superior level of visibility over the resources that they have in place and how they’re being used, but this also brings with it advantages like efficient incident resolution, reduced downtime and risk and much, much more.

Cloud and remote infrastructure management allows for real-time, proactive monitoring – meaning that you’ll no longer be waiting for something to go wrong before you can act. Instead, someone else will be watching for signs that something may go wrong so that it can be avoided altogether. They can also comb through logs and reports to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

Greater Cost Effectiveness

What managed services bring to the table for small businesses in particular is greater cost effectiveness across the board. Instead of dealing with the massive upfront investment of researching, building and maintaining your own infrastructure, nearly everything is handled by someone else. Someone who can see exactly how your resources are being used, allowing you to make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes time to upgrade.

Additionally, because managed services are a “pay-as-you-go” delivery model, you’re only paying for exactly what you’re using and not a penny more. In terms of your IT investment, you no longer need to plan for the future because managed services allow the future to essentially plan for itself based on the patterns identified today.

Make no mistake: managed services aren’t just important. They’re going to become mission critical as time goes on. If you’re in Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland and would like to discuss managed services or any other related topic with someone in more detail, don’t delay – contact Nachman Networks today by phone at (703) 600-3301 or by email at