Android is an operating system that’s well known for offering its users a wide variety of choice, and apps that suit the need of a range of users. The same goes for the Internet browser, you could go for the stock one, or any number of others. If you’re looking for another browser the available choices can be overwhelming.

Here’s an overview of the three most popular browsers for your Android device.

Google Chrome Beta
Google released the mobile version of Chrome earlier this year. It’s essentially a copy of their popular browser for PC and Mac, optimized for mobile devices. Pages load relatively quickly, and tabbed browsing is supported. The feature that sets this browser apart from others is the syncing with Chrome on your computer. Looking at a page on your computer and want to keep reading it when you leave the office? You can, no button presses required.

The main downside to this browser is the lack of Flash support. What this means is that Web pages developed using Flash won’t load. Luckily the majority of sites that are Flash dependent have mobile versions that don’t use it.

Firefox Beta
Previous versions of Firefox browser for Android have been slow and tough to use. That’s not the case anymore. Firefox Beta is a complete overhaul, pages load faster and the new layout makes it easier to use. The main draw to Firefox Beta is the wealth of plugins available that allow you to customize the browser to meet your needs. You can also sync your tabs from your computer to your phone.

Like Chrome, this browser doesn’t support Flash, nor any other form of multimedia. Luckily, there are plugins available that will allow multimedia use while browsing.

The stock Android browser is another good choice for users who want a low frills, easy to use browser. It’s the perfect browser for users that don’t often use their phone to surf the Internet, for other users, it may seem a bit bare-bones. One interesting feature of this browser that the other two don’t have is the ability to use your voice to search.

Which browser should you use? If you currently use Google Chrome on your computer, Chrome for your phone is a good choice, likewise for Firefox. If you use other browsers, you can search the Google Play store for a mobile version, or use the stock browser. If you have questions regarding other browsers for your Android device, please contact us, we’re happy to help.

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