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How do I dispose of my old electronics?

Date: 25 Oct 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that many people replace their electronic devices almost every two years. This growth in the number of devices we own has led to an increase in the amount of e-waste we produce, and disposing of it needs to be done properly. Throwing it out on the curb beside the garbage is a no-no. Fear not, we are here to help. Here’s how you can safely dispose of

Messy cables? Time to fix that

Date: 19 Oct 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Wireless connections are a great thing, as you can connect devices to the Internet and one another without the need for cables. Sadly, many of us don’t use wireless devices much beyond Wi-Fi. As we continue to use an increasing number of devices, all of which use cables, it can be hard to keep them in order. If you have a mess of cables in your office, it may be time to straighten them out. Lik