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The Top 20 Items Tha t Must Be On Your Cybersecurity Checklist

As part of our IT security due diligence and dedication to seeing our clients attain greater levels of auditable security controls, we wanted to share some guidelines we’ve adopted. Here is the “Top 20” Cyber Security Audit Checklist for professional firms and small businesses who want to protect themselves from all known cyber threats.

How To Maintain A Healthy Computer

Performance of your computer is greatly reduced over time due to the accumulation of spyware, unnecessary files, a disorganized hard drive, and worst of all, viruses!

3 Ways LinkedIn Can Grow Your Business

It’s possible that you already know LinkedIn is filled with tech-savvy professionals from just about every industry. Some degree programs are even requiring their students to create a LinkedIn profile. But you don’t have one.


In today’s constantly changing, technology-driven world, organizations are now looking to IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to develop, install and maintain technology solutions to improve their business functions. A properly designed and maintained IT system increases your business’ productivity, security, and value.

Is Your Small Business Truly Safe from Cybercrime?

According to a study conducted by Symantec, the number of cybercrime attacks targeting firms with fewer than 250 employees jumped from 18 percent in 2011 to 31 percent in 2012.


SMBs are a primary target for hackers. In the last five years there’s been steady increase in attacks targeting SMBs — And in the past 12 months, 50% of all SMBs have been breached.

Are You Prepared If Your Data Is Lost?

If disaster struck your hometown or a ransomware attack impacted your business, could you be up and running again within minutes?

The SMB’s Guide to Cybercrime

SMBs are at risk for cyberattacks, just like their larger counterparts – new data shows that they’ve become a bigger target for today’s cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity Checklist

Hackers pose a critical threat to your business’ cybersecurity, and incidents are increasing. Why? Because most employees don’t know how to identify phishing scams and other cyber threats that can lead to a network infection or intrusion.

10 things you need in place to survive a data network disaster

In order to remain in business, stay competitive, and keep yourself and your company safe from a data loss disaster,
there is a fairly standardized checklist that should be followed if you expect to survive the oft-treacherous
contemporary conditions of business computing and Web connectivity.

How to keep your kids safe

Our children are at risk, even when at home and when you’re there. Predators are on the lookout for children via the Internet. Here are some disturbing statistics.

Boost Your IT Capabilities And Reduce Your Tax Burden

Reduce your tax liability by acquiring new technology before the end of 2017. Section 179 is only available to U.S. companies until the end of the 2017 calendar year.

Managed IT Services

For small businesses in today’s high-tech society, Information Technology (IT) has become a significant consideration. Implementing new technology is a challenging job for small business owners and can cause numerous difficulties in day-to-day operations. Many small businesses are finding Managed IT Services as a solution to get the most from their IT investment.

Small Business Mobility

Mobile technology is becoming increasingly vital to your small business as the number of employees working from home or away from office is growing significantly. More than 50 million US workers are considered mobile, spending at least 20% of the time away from their primary workspace. Some of your employees, such as your salespeople or representatives, may be constantly on the move.

Small Business Networking

Effective technology is essential for small businesses looking to increase the productivity of their people and business. Introducing technology such as a computer networks can help them to stay competitive by increasing productivity and by reducing hardware costs. Even simple networks make sharing information and resources easier, provide better security and enable easy backup facilities for any small businesses.

VoIP for the Small Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become a viable solution for even the smallest of companies as broadband internet access has become affordable and much more widespread. VoIP offers a low cost alternative to expensive traditional phone services, and is rapidly becoming the communications system of choice to reduce telecommunications costs. Hosted VoIP services are also gaining popularity among smaller companies since these services do not require any investment in hardware.

Web Collaboration

In today’s global business environment, the value of working together, or collaboration, can have a huge positive impact on your business. Your employees and teams need to work together, and share ideas and information across geographic boundaries. For a small business such as yours, effective collaboration is essential to improving productivity by empowering your employees to communicate and work more efficiently using the right communications tools.