Fake Security Software On the Rise

ghost appears in monitorIncidents of fake security software fooling users into spending money on malware are on the rise. Security firm McAfee has published a report early in the year showing that up to a million people worldwide fall victim to so-called “scareware” each year. Scareware, or rogueware, is software that poses as legitimate security software but in reality are dupes to steal credit card information from users, or even worse are Trojan Horses to spread malware. Scareware is distributed primarily through the Internet via malicious websites that pop out windows that fool users into thinking their system may be infected. Users who click on the popup windows are redirected to a website which encourages them to buy fake security software online.

Scareware are especially dangerous as it hits users in many ways: by duping them out of their money, injecting viruses or other forms of malware into their system, or even holding them ransomfor instance, by taking over users’ systems then demanding more payment to free the data stored in the infected computer.

It’s a good thing that there are many ways to protect your system against scareware. One is using security software from legitimate and well established software vendorsthrough their legitimate sales channels. Another is by being prudent with offers and downloads when online. For a small business there are other ways such as blocking or filtering these malicious websites to ensure the security of the entire business. If you want to find out more about these solutions to protect small business networkslet us know. We offer managed security services for small business that can protect against online threats.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Do You Have One?

IT staffThe world today is full of potential problems that can seriously put a dent (if not completely derail) your plans for success. Do you have a means to shield your business from all these dangers? Do you have a remedy when things take a turn for the worst? To put it straight do you have a disaster recovery plan?


Increase Productivity with Electronic Signatures

e signature padBecause workflow is much faster with the use of electronic signatures, processing times are reduced and sales people and consultants have more time to take care of other customers. This can significantly increase the company’s revenue.


Create Small, Easy-to-read URL’s

URLCreate easy-to-read and type Internet addresses from the long addresses often found on popular sites such as Amazon, eBay, and MapQuest by using online services that shrink the address.
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Tools to Edit PDF Files Online for Free

pdf iconHere are some free online tools that can help you modify PDF files. What’s even better is they don’t require downloads or installation. The only requirement is an Internet connection and browser.
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