Clever Scammers Using SEO to Bait More Victims

Legitimate online marketing and SEO are the only ways to make yourself more visible on the web. However, clever scammers will try to fool you into thinking otherwise – by sending you an invoice with a deadline, asking you for a registration fee for better listings on search engine results.

As more and more people are becoming increasingly conscious about online scams, it’s expected that scammers and fraudsters need to step up their game and look for better ways to fool people into falling for their swindles.

One new tactic these unscrupulous people have employed involves a notice or invoice sent to would-be victims indicating a need to pay a registration fee to be seen on a search engine. The price isn’t very high, less than $100, for a year’s “registration”. The notice claims that without the registration your website will be significantly more difficult to locate through search engines. It also sends you a deadline date indicating that the offer expires soon.

The fact is, there is no such thing as an online “registration” for your website to be viewable in search engines. It’s still plain old SEO that gets you listed and seen, and no registration, much less a registration fee, is needed to be included in search engine search results. Cases have been filed against several companies caught sending such invoices.

If you want your website to be marketed correctly, it’s best to consult legitimate internet marketing and SEO companies. They’ll give you all the right advice and they’ll have the tools and skills to market your website properly. As for these “offers”, the best thing is to delete them on sight. Don’t click on the links, as these also flag your email as a target for more spam and scams to be sent your way.

If you are looking to increase your website’s online visibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss a detailed and customized program SEO program that works for you.

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