One of the main challenges of businesses today is controlling and avoiding IT and technology issues. Fortunately, a lot of these issues can be prevented by implementing smart and savvy technology usage that can save the IT team and system users frustration and valuable time.  

Tech Problems

As a savvy business leader, one of your top priorities in this day and age should be controlling (and mostly avoiding) IT and technology issues. There is simply nothing more frustrating than experiencing delays, enduring difficult cybersecurity issues, and even halting operations due to tech problems and annoying bugs. Unfortunately, these are issues that every business deals with, but can often be avoided with a few changes to the way technology is used and managed.

What is the Real Problem?

Most often when there is an issue involving a company computer, almost everyone is guilty of calling the IT department. Some might find it surprising that often the issue you are having with your computer isn’t an IT problem at all. In fact, the problem is typically due to technology that is being under underutilized, used incorrectly, or simply not organized enough to work efficiently.

Realizing that many, if not most computer issues are not really an IT issue is the first step in putting an end to your tech problems once and for all. Smart business leaders can take a few steps and make a few changes to see a big difference.

The first move should be to learn to use your IT department wisely. Each department in your Washington DC, Northern Virginia & Maryland business uses some sort of technology that is different from the other. Accounting has the financial software, HR may use time management tracking, and the marketing gurus typically have at least 5 art programs at their disposal. Chances are the IT team didn’t install or isn’t even aware of many of these instances. This is a huge problem and a valid source for many tech issues. Any department that is obtaining any new software or considering making a system change of any kind should be working with the IT team from the very beginning and seek advice about the best solution for their need. Also, from a financial standpoint, this solution should come directly from each department’s budget, not at IT catch all account.

On the contrary, there are software packages and apps that everyone in the entire company utilizes. The most common issue with this type of technology is that not everyone is involved in the selection or daily use of this new acquisition, which can negatively affect the business. Strive to include utilization and knowledge of company technology as a requirement for employment and offer mandatory training for each employee.

Get everyone involved in the process and have a few individuals from each department evaluate your current systems and access any new needs. This allows for a more realistic assessment of the needs of the company and makes more sense when trying to satisfy a group of people

Take Control of Your Tech Issues

Technology is a necessity in today’s society, and it is the responsibility of those in charge of the company to ensure the business is secure, efficient, and most importantly – being used! It is crucial for success to keep technology in your goals, plans, and budget, as your company grows. Never underestimate the significance of monitoring usage and reporting issues so that problems can be identified early to avoid major tech disasters. Need help deciphering your IT issues? Contact us for more information via email at or give us a call to discuss your needs at (703) 600-3301.