Got Gmail? Great! Now get one — or all eight! — of these great extensions that promise to bump up your productivity today!


Gmail boasts more than one billions global users each month. Intuitive, easy to customize and simple to use, Gmail is as popular for business use as it is for personal accounts. Chances are, though, that you are missing out on ways that you can easily boost your productivity by not making full use of the numerous extensions available for Gmail. Here are some of the best ones:

1. Gmail Offline

An extension provided by Gmail’s parent company, Google, Gmail Offline lets you do everything that you can do online — even when you don’t have an internet connection. Search and archive your emails, then read and send them as well. The minute your internet connection is reestablished, all your emails will be sent. No more lost productivity while you wait for an internet connection.

2. Checker Plus

Are you one of the many Gmail users who has multiple accounts? Download the Checker Plus extension and you’ll be able to quickly and easily manage them all in one convenient place. Checker Plus provides a visually-pleasing design, is compatible with push notifications and will even read your email out loud if you want it to.

3. CloudMagic

Instantly streamline one of the most time-consuming tasks involving email: following up. With CloudMagic, you can find that important email that got buried in your inbox within seconds, follow up with conversations and instruct it to show you documents and events that are related. Best of all, CloudMagic works both online and offline.

4. Boomerang

Control the scheduling of your email instead of letting it control you. Simply use the Boomerang extension as a tool when you’re writing an email. When you finished, click “send later” and choose the specific time. You can also set up email reminders so you can answer emails at a later time that suits your schedule better.

5. FollowUp CC

Push your productivity to the next level with FollowUp CC. Keep your business relationships on the highest level of professionalism as you stay on top of important conversations. Customize your email conversations by adding a “new step” task or set a reminder to follow up if a client doesn’t respond by a particular time.

6. ActiveInbox

ActiveInbox can best be described as a task manager for your inbox. Using your emails, it creates tasks and organizes them as well as tracks your emails — all within a clean and simple design.

7. WiseStamp

While WiseStamp is not the only extension to create rich email signatures, it also makes effective use of the all-important social media accounts. WiseStamp lets you share the links of your favorite social media accounts, as well as everything from your most recent tweets or your latest Instagram pictures.

8. Gmail Snooze

By using the cloud, Gmail Snooze lets you snooze email without having to open your inbox in another window. Using this extension as well as the labels that you assign for your emails doesn’t require you to download anything because it’s functionality lies in the cloud.

At Nachman Networks, we know how important productivity is to your business. Managing your emails by using Gmail is the first step is boosting that productivity. With the extensions noted above, you can take that productivity even further. Contact us today at (703) 600-3301 or via for more information.