From the run-up to the Super Bowl through to the final score, Bing can help you optimize your game-related ad campaign in five key ways.

The biggest game in football happens this Sunday, and the Super Bowl presents some prime opportunities to boost your business’ online ad campaigns by utilizing Bing’s marketing capabilities. From the run-up to the Super Bowl through the final score, Bing can help you optimize your game-related ad campaign in five key ways.

Super Bowl

1. Know your audience

Bing Network users are huge football fans, with 33 million weekly football game viewers. Of all traffic, about 30 percent of football-related searches came from smartphones and tablets. By keeping your audience in mind and utilizing Bing’s device targeting feature, you can make sure that your company’s Super Bowl ad campaign aims at the right audience.

2. Ride the wave of increased interest from Super Bowl TV commercials

Bing has found that Super Bowl TV ads can increase the advertiser’s search volume by as much as 98 percent for up to three days after the big game. Your company can benefit from this increase in search volume by utilizing broad keyword coverage. Keywords that address the brand, the product offering and the commercial are a good place to start, but increase your ad’s reach by also targeting keywords related to similar offerings and celebrities or other notable elements of the commercial.

3. Capitalize on increased interest in team gear

For many fans, the Super Bowl is an excuse to buy more of their favorite team’s gear, and Bing has found that related searches increase dramatically in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. Plan your ad campaign around this increased traffic and its prominent keywords–and keep in mind that women account for a significant proportion of searchers when picking keywords.

4. Plan for the run-up to the big game party

As with team gear, Bing sees a huge spike in Super Bowl party-related searches before the big game, from Super Bowl party ideas to the best Super Bowl appetizers. You can take advantage of this increased traffic by utilizing Bing’s expanded text ads with a sitelink feature to promote those sections of your website that tie in with this increased search volume. Indeed, Bing’s site link has been shown to boost the click-through rate by as much as 13 percent.

5. Score new customers by improving your ad engagement

By taking advantage of Bing’s various extensions, tools, and features, your company can increase its ad engagement and draw in new customers. Tools like Bing’s phrase match and broad match modifier will help you identify and fill in critical gaps in your ad keywords while utilizing Bing’s bidding feature to target both your brand terms and those of your competitors can dramatically increase your exposure. Bing’s Enhanced cost-per-click bidding strategy can also help you maximize the conversions that your ads make.

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