4 ways to create engaging Facebook posts

Date: 13 Mar 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

For businesses who have a Facebook page, figuring out what to post can be tough. Your fans have ‘liked’ your page hoping to find out more about your business and products. After a while when all post ideas are exhausted, however, your page will most likely be outdated. And when you post again, there’s a very slim chance of attracting fans’ attentions again because you’ve been out of the

5 Tricks to Clean up your Facebook News Feed

Date: 21 Jan 2015 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

You just got a message from an old friend via Facebook. You log on to view it, and suddenly you're bombarded with selfies from high school friends you haven't seen in years and photos of one of your employee’s lunch. Before you know it, you've wasted a half hour of your life caught up in the lives of people you rarely speak to. And you still haven’t even gotten to that message from your actual

Facebook announces security change

Date: 13 Nov 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

All about Facebook for Business

Date: 20 Aug 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Marketing and brand management is an important business process, one which has been influenced heavily by social media platforms like Facebook. While some companies and users find it easy to use, it can be mystifying and downright scary to others. In an effort to help businesses get more out of the platform, Facebook has recently launched a business specific page. Below overview of the new Faceboo

Graph Search will change Facebook

Date: 05 Feb 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Social media has become so mainstream that many people now use platforms like Facebook as their main form of communication. Often users will even check if a company has a Facebook page before searching the Internet. With the ever-expanding number of users, the company's developers are constantly introducing new features to make the platform better. The latest announced feature will bring with it s

Do you use Facebook analytics?

Date: 08 Jan 2013 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Facebook can be a terrific marketing tool for your company. With a solid and active profile, you could see your brand grow and with it an increase in customers. The problem is, many companies set up a profile but don't bother to track how their efforts are doing. Are you one of these companies? If yes, you can get a glimpse into how well your Facebook page and content is doing through the use of p

The lowdown on FB copyright posts

Date: 11 Dec 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

With the heavy adoption of social media users have started to share information they usually wouldn't and some go so far as to literally divulge everything. It's kind of weird that on one hand we are happy for others to know so much and on the other, we demand information privacy too. This is especially true with Facebook, and users have recently been posting a warning notice on their walls. Many

8 etiquette tips for Facebook

Date: 11 Sep 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Companies that are successful have great customer service, and employ social media sites like Facebook to help build brands and connect with customers on a more personal level. The problem some businesses have is taking superior physical customer service and translating it to social media, with comments or posts sometimes coming across as rude. Here are seven social media etiquette tips you shoul

Facebook scammers pretend to be charity

Date: 16 Aug 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

Social networks are “in” at the moment, it’s hard to find someone without an account with at least one service. The most popular is Facebook, and it's even gone so far as to completely disrupt modern marketing and branding procedures for organizations of all sizes. With this popularity, scammers are taking advantage of the system and trying to trick people into giving away their credit card

Your new email address: @facebook.com

Date: 10 Jul 2012 | Posted BY: ulisticadmin

901 million. That’s the number of people and businesses that have Facebook profiles. It’s obvious that Facebook is an important and influential medium that’s practically unchallenged. Any user is well aware that Facebook likes to change things around, much to the chagrin of more than a few. Recently Facebook made a change that could affect companies. On the normal Facebook profile, before t