Have you ever been on a business trip or at a meeting where there was a hand out or important document you want the rest of your team to see? For many this would probably mean finding a scanner which could take a while. If you have an iPhone, there’s no need for that, just download a scanner app and snap a picture. It’s almost too easy!

Here are five apps that businesses can use to turn their iPhone into a scanner.


This full feature app lets you scan all sorts of documents from business cards to receipts and even images. It can also scan text documents and turn them into an editable digital version so you don’t have to retype them.

When the image, document, etc. is scanned they can be exported to a number of different online services like Evernote, iCloud, Dropbox and even Google Drive. You can find this app on the iTunes store for USD$9.99.

Scanner Pro

This app allows users to scan text documents and images and store them as either JPEGs or PDFs. The interface is quite intuitive with grid lines that make it easy to line up documents and is quite quick. You can also scan multiple pages of documents and the app will clean up the text and shadows then merge them into one file.

When you scan the documents you can choose to: Store them on your iDevice, email, or print them. You can also upload to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. The one downside with this app is that you won’t be able to edit the items you scan. It can be found here on the iTunes store for USD$6.99.

Genius Scan

The biggest thing Genius Scan has going for it is that the basic version is free. You can scan documents and images and save them as JPEGs or PDFs and email them or store them on your device. The app has some pretty cool features including the ability to detect and alter perspectives to make scanned documents easier to read.

If you upgrade to the + version you will be able to send documents to Box, Evernote, Google Drive, SkyDrive and if it’s a receipt you can send it to Expensify. You will also be able to print directly to any printer that supports AirPrint. You can find the free app on the iTunes store, and upgrading to the + version is done in the app for USD$2.99


This app has a unique feature that the other apps lack: It allows you to take three pictures of the same document and will combine them into one document to provide the best quality image. As with most of the other apps, you can scan and save documents as PDFs or JPEGs. You can also save them on your phone and email them or print them on a AirPrint enabled device.

The one downside of this app is that there is no integration with cloud storage apps like Dropbox or iCloud. What you will have to do is store the file on your phone and open it with the app, then save it. You can find the app on iTunes store for USD$1.99.

Doc Scan Pro

This app is aimed at users who need to scan documents with numerous pages into either PDFs or JPEGs. Using advanced detection algorithms it can pick up where a book or document page’s curve and will separate the pages, scanning them separately. You can then customize how bright they are and the contrast to create the best looking scan. Because it is largely meant for longer documents, it can scan quickly and will put the documents into their own folder.

You can email the finished scans, or upload them to cloud storage apps like SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, iCloud. You can also print them on an AirPrint enabled device, or send them to your computer over Wi-Fi. You can find the app on iTunes for USD$1.99.

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Published with permission from TechAdvisory.org. Source.